August+Ashley was established to provide you more than a garment that fits well, we want to write stories with our customers by taking the finest in luxury cloth and crafting it stitch by stitch into the finest menswear into modern sartorial elegance with a unique twist.


The work produced by many hands.


The cloth is cut from a pattern drawn for the individual and passed to the tailors; the creators of the suit. A team of sewers and tailors work by hand to mold a two-dimensional pattern into a formed garment.


Responsible for translating measurements into a pattern


The butter to the bread. The people trained to bring a garment to life.


Our multi-step fitting process allows for precise fitment.  Real time pattern adjustments before finishing.  That way you know what you will be getting, how's its made and that it will fit perfectly

Individual Patterns

Anyone can take measurements. It is what is added to those measurements that create a bespoke garment. 


Our process is unique to us.  It takes the traditional and marries it with todays technology. 

Our work is the product of years of expertise. Our goal is the to make the finest garments perfectly fitted to you.

August +  Ashley